Sunday, February 28, 2010


I don't know you
 I can tell
you have a story
it's written all
over you
your face
and make-up
can't hide
what's on the outside
nor does it disguise
what's radiating
from within

 you're marked
a victim

does he hit you when he's sober
and excuse it 'cuz he's drunk

you'll say
with downcast eyes

"I caught my sweater
on the banister
and tripped"

carrying your 
10th load
of laundry
containing the stains
of an afternoon
of misery

why do you stay?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still I Stay

The dark circle showing nights 
of not knowing
exactly why things
come about
the way they do

I wonder who it is I married

I wonder if he'll notice
I didn't greet
his staggering steps 
this time

I watch
shaking hand pour another
tender feelings I once felt
spill to the floor
with the rhythm
of overflowing foam

I cloak myself
in the darkness
of the dead-end stairway

I step out to ask, "Why?"
Only to encounter
like the soda and wine
he's now drinking

His anger rises with the bubbles
exploding words
Whore. . .bitch, 
you cold-hearted. . .
he slurs

Does he mean it?
He's drunk, he can't know
A flicker of mean intelligence
pin-point pupils

He knows.