Monday, January 24, 2011

Left Behind

My soul aches for yours
It sees what you've stopped listening to
It wonders at how you've managed
to stop its nightly
journeys to the heavenly realms
how limp, so shriveled in its human cage
black from absorbing earth-bound light
no longer reflecting colors into white
no longer singing celestial songs of love
impure now
spewing venom from red lips
viewing the negative through hatred's
depressed eyes
touching with aggression
willing all to feel your pain, its pain
filling the empty spaces with self-loathing
my soul used to commune with yours
and now there is nothing
I wish I could save you
but you have chosen to be left behind
God has forgiven you
may you forgive you
for this temporary self-neglect
and come back
to truth's embrace
It is nothing to fear
learning our lessons with the human race
Time is infinite and time is illusion
our souls are permanent
these lives are not
In the end,
all will be healed.
I love you
and hope we commune again
when you chose to re-awaken,
when you chose next time,
to be left behind

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What do you do when your trust has been destroyed
How to you get over being used as a pawn or toy
The hurt from the past that has never faded
Frozen heart, beyond the simpleness of jaded

Hopeful words, admiring eyes, warm smiles, friendly hugs
met with smooth practiced responses, cynical mental shrugs
Outwardly flirty, a hint of naughty, hot, intriguingly cold
They're the conquering hero, territory bought, but not sold

Under soft flesh,  protected by a thick, titanium core
Detached mind notes: Cupid's arrows, such a bore
As the volley flew in total desperation
A piece cracked under the assault's vibration

Can the fire at the weapons' tip, at this point, really matter?
Can it melt her enough so she doesn't completely shatter?
No, it's too late, razor thin shards carpet the ground
follow the bloody trail, but please,
don't          make            a                sound...