Saturday, November 14, 2009


Why do you cling to me
I don't have the answers to your neediness
Why do you place the bag over my head
do you think
having me suffocate in your love
will have me die loving you?
The more you hold on
the more I hate you
let me go
let me be free
Tying the noose around my neck
will not make me say the words you want to hear
But perhaps
it'll end both our suffering
as you kick the chair of freedom out
from under my feet
What will you think
as you remove the bag, moist with my last breath
as you massage the bruises around my broken neck
tenderly laying the rope aside
will you realize now, that my arms are as limp in death
as they were in life
that it was your arms that clung so desperately to me
because I could not,
would not
love you back?

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