Sunday, December 6, 2009

Really? You think that's the answer?

Perhaps I am evil and jaded but sometimes I can't believe that people can be so damn blind!  Perhaps, because I wasn't born into any particular way of thinking and I was taught to look at both sides, I was taught to find my answers from a variety of sources. . .I'm finding other's version of the truth difficult to swallow.

Anything that has the hands of man involved in it, must be viewed as suspect - politics, education, causes, religion, money. . .hell, even love! You weren't a fly on the wall, you can't time travel, you have NO proof! You weren't in their head to know their true motivation, which I suspect is a simple as, "Let's control the masses!"

Please tell me you can't possibly be that trusting! Blind faith? Narrow-minded devotion! How the hell do you manage to choose to keep yourself so ignorant? Really? I suppose I should just accept that when you are presented with another point of view, another set of facts that you will still choose your comfort zone, simply so that you can sleep at night.  Good luck with that.

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