Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Don't understand why
I let you hold my hand,
dry my tears
and hold me close to your heart
I hear nothing beating there

Don't understand why
I let you abuse me
bring me down
constantly tear me to pieces
to patch me up
smaller than
the original

Don't understand why
all these people
I let in
keep hurting me
my eyes are wide shut
my ears, my mouth
I'm mute

Don't understand how
I can take much more of
the silent, empty spaces
the soullessnes
Frozen touches
my teardrops
shattering my being

It's just too much

If the truth must hurt
that you're simply
a reflection of me
A reminder of lessons
unlearned, then
I'm done.
I hurt too much.

Dear God,
I'm done.


  1. life takes, people hurt... but then there are a few worth living for... at least there is you.