Thursday, March 8, 2012


How can I explain
the despair
that comes over me
during the brightest of days?

Sun shining down on depression
doing nothing
to break the darkness that lurks
in the shadows of my mind?

A foreboding
that the truth is what
most would
percieve as fiction

You ask me what's wrong
and I can't verbalize
the pain
there's no logic to it

Just a 6th sense that
is ending
and I'm afraid it
involves you
perhaps us
A loss so powerful, it fills
the empty places in my soul

I ache for you
I ache for me
and then darkness
and I escape into
where all is well
and the daylight hours
are my friend

I wish
that it were that simple
and we could stay
but no
it is not our time

So I wait,
for when the honesty
of the fates
rear their indifferent heads
and bring us down.


  1. A rather bleak outlook... but I liked it, a lot. I've had that feeling a few times myself, in a few relationships.

    1. Thank you! Trying not to be so bleak, but can't help it sometimes! Thankful for writing as an outlet!

    2. That's what I love about being a writer. Two things, actually!

      1. It's a great way to vent.

      2. You can play God and control all the characters... usually. Sometimes, a character is so real that he or she almost writes himself/herself!