Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Both Broken

I broke your heart to heal mine
I needed to see
one last time
the effect I really had on you
Not bargaining for the effect
you could have on mine
and now
I pay the price for
playing with fire
I have been burned
beyond recognition
beyond the healers' skill
And I sink
into depths of darkness
that light
will not penetrate
My body functions day to day
an actress that deserves an Oscar
My soul, buried deep
under the shallow facade
of freedom
Smile now and forever
knowing that I have sinned
against all
and deserve to die
in limbo
Heart beating out of habit
wish it'd stop
a zombie has more hope
than I
for release
from this self-created prison
hoping to trap you to me
well done, you get the last laugh
as you toss the key
just out of reach
and finally prove
you never really
loved me

1 comment:

  1. You wrote what I feel..although as Yoda said "There is another...."