Wednesday, December 7, 2011

False Memories

Up and down
trying to get over you
Wishing you'd kidnap me
and take me to that far away place
that you'd promised
many moons ago
But now, I know
how hollow were your words
and you're not the knight
I'm looking for
There are no more men anymore
But somehow
that doesn't keep my heart
from loving you
my body from missing
the things you'd do
My mind's memory goes
hazy at trying to
remember the reasons
why we shouldn't
be together
my soul doesn't forget and
pushes me to move forward
if only it could keep the
rest of me from looking back
at the brightness of good moments
and pretending that they
outshone the bad.
May the truth eventually
bring sanity to
all my
And break
my love for the
idea of you.


  1. Seriously, are we soul sister or what? Everything OK with you? These are so sad.

  2. Sometimes I think someone could write something like that to me on one of my realllllly BAD days.