Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Living as though no one else matters
Stepping on others never trips you up
Speaking as though the audience will never disagree
Hearing them as though they're attached to your mind
So you never listen to what they actually say

Driving over their emotions is like four-wheeling
Throwing their weakness in their face is so easy
Making them cry, waters the crops of your indifference
Logic is the only thing that matters
It's all black or it's all white

The temperature you pick is always perfect
The shows you watch are the only ones of quality
The schedule you want is all that counts
It doesn't matter, the desire of others
It doesn't register, their broken spirit

You don't even notice that they have gone
There will always be others
who will come to be crushed
Wagging a tail in hopes of reciprocation
Giving until they die inside

It must be nice, to be so thoughtless


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