Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another chance

It's a hurt that goes deep into the infinite depths of the soulIt only comes when I'm alone
gently, it expands its fingers around around my
unsuspecting heart
squeezing until my awareness turns inward
and sees the cracks that leak blood from a tormented love
the damage done that keeps me from
believing, yes, it's time to move on,
time to forget, time to forgive
I stare into brown eyes that have been burned
as bad as mine
I wonder if his thoughts wander the past, avoid the present
and fear the future
a fork in the road that cause feet to freeze
in indecision
I would be fine if the pain stayed in this dimension
leaving me be when I escape to dreamland
But it stalks me there, perhaps
because I let it
company of sorts in a vast universe
endless emotion, finite logic
His gaze holds mine, we both have a silent plea
"Let this be it, the right direction, please be the one..."
Torment rears its ugly head, egos scream in protest
Love's tendrils gently encompass
Hands clasp
May we both accept the chance we have been given

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