Saturday, November 26, 2011

Leap of Faith

Stop teasing me and be real
Do you mean what you say?
I wonder if he knows the exact
effect his words have on me?
Does he calculate the variables?
My mind was made up and now...
what do I do?
Take a leap of faith?
Over a chasm so wide, so deep
that it's even darker than my
on the rare occasion
I manage to sleep
There's a bright light
winking promises at me
across the way
his voice
deep with seduction
"Don't worry about tomorrow
I got this babe!"
My heart wants to follow
this piped piper's tune
but my mind weeps with fear
My soul is quiet, watching,
I try to live in the now
to focus on today
that's the closest to the future
that I dare to flirt with
He knows and teases
"We'll build the future
under your groundless feet
as you fly over distrust,
and leave it far behind
So please jump, my love
I promise, I'll catch you..."
I close my eyes,
hold my breathe
I take
a leap
of faith

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