Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Curious Case of the Brown Shoes

The laughter echoed down the alley
Tourists and locals turn their heads and smile
Innocent or Naughty
No one would venture down to find out
Yet imaginations run wild
The light, appreciative laugh of a female
the deeper rumble of a satisfied male
her teasing voice emerges
calling over her bare shoulder
her buttons are off by one
she bursts out into the sunlight
barefoot runs across the street
horns blare in protest
her long legs flash
wolfish whistles
women's jealous glares
Heavier steps, that don't sound quite right
"Ma Cherie..."
She's gone, he sighs and leans against the brick
Contemplates his bare toes, black socks
hanging from khahki pockets
He shrugs and walks back to the hotel
The next day
an imp finds brown shoes
facing the corner
and wonders
Que diable qui s'est passé ici?


  1. Aww fun. Liked it. You're quick off the mark?

  2. LOL! I couldn't help it. It just tickled my funny bone.

  3. Great poem, I could see it going further. Would love to know what the imp did with the shoes!

  4. Grinning at the image of the puzzled little imp left wondering.

  5. What is going on with this Muse?